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Don't cut cost: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training is Value Added

Two years ago, DPA GLOBAL CONSULTING LLC, relaunched new training services in the human capital consulting space, specializing in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)Training. "As the CEO and President of DPA Global Consulting, I knew how critical it was to focus on diversity training during this time where companies and organizations of all sizes change with their mindsets to meet the demands of employees demanding social justice in the workplace." said Dr. Dia Pfleger. DPA Global Consulting took the steps to create robust and progressive diversity training to help organizations create an intentional culture of DEI within their organization. Our training requires organizations of any size to take a deep dive and holistic overview of the challenges of racism, privilege, and lack of inclusion and equity in their corporate culture. The DEI training requires the leaders, to be honest, and acknowledge the blind spots, and our firm provides the training tools to help guide their commitment to work toward a positive and sustainable change. We currently are offering these series of training: Anit-Racist Training, Microaggression Training, Bias/Unconcious Bias Training, Emotional Intelligence, Critical Conversation- Creating Safe Spaces and Restorative Justice- Mindful Intentions.

Our training sessions are engaging very interactive. We offer a mixed style of training with expert facilitators, PowerPoint, videos, activities, break-out sessions, question chats, polls, small break-out groups, and homework. DPA Global Consulting has trained principal consultants certified in DEI with extensive experience in human capital consulting or human resources. Remember, DEI is a journey. DPA Global Consulting offers Cultural and Inclusive workshops and retreats. Due to COVID, we are currently offering virtual zoom training sessions but hope to offer a hybrid with both options of virtual and in-person training sessions. Our training and workshop are just the starts of the journey. We want to make sure organizations are not just "checking the box "by doing the training. Your commitment to anti-racism and equity for all should a priority and ongoing effort. We also offer DEI strategies, D&I programming along with a DEI road map for organizations, because we know the ROI for this work is priceless.

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